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KS Material Co. Ltd.


KS Materal Company appreciates the benefits of the global environment, and wishes to live in harmony with humanity and the natural environment, therefore always acts in consideration of protection of the global environment.


1. Realization of Product Design, Development and Selections with Low Environmental Impact
From procurement of raw materials to production, delivery of products, recovery and disposal after use, and disposal, we will develop and adopt products that contribute to the reduction of environmental impact and with peace of mind. Promote recycling of products and materials, and fully utilize the value of resources.
2. Product Manufacturing with Low Environment Impact
We will strive to manufacture products that save resources and energy. In addition to reducing waste and environmental impact emissions, we will promote recycling and effective use of waste. We strive for manufacturing that does not cause pollution or accidents.
3. Logistics, Sales and Promotion Activities with Low Environmental Impact
We strive for efficient product distribution, distribution and sales activities without waste. We will work to reduce exhaust gas pollution and reduce CO2 emissions from vehicle use. Promote proactive sales of superior products for environmental protection.
4. Office Activities and Facilities with Low Environmental Impact
Promote resource saving and energy saving office activities. By purchasing green, we will promote the use of items with low environmental impact.
5. Contribution to the Creation of Society with Low Environmental Impact
In addition to protecting laws and regulations, we actively cooperate with social measures and requests to promote environmental protection, and consider and implement measures that we are able to contribute to.